Monitoring Systems Approach

Data supports leadership in making informed, mission-driven decisions. Using data and data-informed practices, Shine Early Learning guides partners on measuring their impact on children, families, and the community.  Through the design and implementation of several key reports, Shine Assist supports partner programs to develop a data approach that is anchored by the proactive identification of important performance trends, the capacity to communicate and share data as a means of continuous improvement, and the ability to quantify outcomes that reflect child and family readiness to kindergarten and beyond. Shine Assist utilizes the following reports:

  • Compliance-focused MBI (Manage by Information) Report

  • MBE (Manage by Execution) Report for tracking operations and process indicators

  • Outcomes-focused MBO (Manage by Outcomes) Report, tracking results in school readiness, family engagement and health.

Strategic Planning and Performance Data Reviews

Programs are guided by the long-term goals and objectives that guide their strategic direction in their five-year grant cycle.  Shine Assist works closely with programs to support the development of goals that align to its mission and the needs of its community.  We guide partners in the review of self-assessment findings, program performance data, and community needs assessment, all as a means of establishing long-term goals that foster a program’s capacity to  demonstrate its impact. Shine Assist works with partners to ensure that their goals are tied to measurable objectives and that they also set the stage for periodic data reviews on progress achieved toward accomplishing their goals.

Self-Assessment and Monitoring

Head Start and Early Head Start programs are driven by a culture of continuous improvement, which entails that they effectively use performance data to identify their strengths and areas of improvement to drive future direction.  There are common questions that drive the focus of a continuous improvement cycle, including:

  • How well are we complying with Federal regulations and implementing our processes and practices?

  • Are our programs on a path to achieving positive child and family outcomes?

  • How can our programs improve systems and services to better serve children and families in our mission to ensure school readiness?

Shine Assist supports programs in the development of a self-assessment cycle that incorporates multiple performance data checkpoints and the development and use of a rubric-based tool that outlines performance expectations in key Head Start Management and Service Areas.  The Self-Assessment System for Continuous Improvement (SASCIE) rubric, guides programs in the assessment of performance tied to program-specific expectations and the collection of evidence that supports findings around compliance and quality.

Shine Insight

Shine Insight is our program-wide data system, which tracks child and family information, program compliance, comprehensive services, and a wide variety of information related to family strengths and goals. The system was designed to help “push” and prioritize data for staff, helping them identify and respond quickly to issues, challenges or areas of need – ensuring that no child or family falls through the cracks, and that the right information is getting to the right people, at the right time.  Through a combination of virtual and in-person trainings, Shine Assist supports programs in their transition to the Shine Insight data system. Continued use of the system is supported through the generation of key data-dashboard reports that identify data-entry needs and program function gaps.