Shine Implement is our effort to help new applicants secure Head Start funding and then operate exceptional Head Start programs. With Shine Implement, we help our partners apply for and win grants and design a world-class Head Start program. Our model is fully-licensed and operates in a “co-operating” partnership--we provide the leadership and family services staff and partners provide education services and community engagement. Shine Implement is a perfect fit for high-performing agencies that have not previously administered a directly-funded Head Start grant. 

The Implement Legacy

In 2014, we launched our first Shine Implement program in Toledo, Ohio, in partnership with a local provider responding to that community’s OHS Birth-to-Five Funding Opportunity Announcement. In Toledo, the Shine Implement partnership has produced remarkable initial results, including full-enrollment at the new birth-to-five Head Start program in just 90 days.
In November 2014, Shine Early Learning and our impressive local partners applied to serve over 3,000 children and families in four additional geographies.


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