Shine Implement  works with ambitious organizations to secure Head Start funding that will allow them to operate exceptional Head Start programs within their own communities. We help design a programmatic model that understands and responds to each community’s needs. Our model is fully-licensed and facilitates a “co-operating” partnership, where we provide senior leadership, data analysis, Educational coaches and a complete Family Services unit, and the grantee staffs the classroom educators and all other programmatic positions. Shine Implement works seamlessly with high-performing agencies that have deep roots within the community, local expertise, and the operational capacity.

The History of Shine Implement

In 2014, Shine Implement launched its first program in Toledo, Ohio. Since then we’ve partnered with 8 other agencies to serve over 5,000 children to date. We’ve collaborated closely with our partners to design and launch high-impact initiatives and approaches across early education, family engagement and data management. As a result, every Shine Implement partner that has had a CLASS review, which measures the quality of interactions between teachers and children, has seen a dramatic  increase from the longstanding previous grantee. The increases have been across all three domains -- Emotional Support, Classroom Organization, and Instructional Support – while often employing many of the previous grantee staff.

The Shine Implement Approach

When we first meet an organization that is new to Head Start and/or Early Head Start or is just beginning to explore applying for funding, we spend quality time within the proposed community. We thoroughly evaluate the community needs, identify vulnerabilities and opportunities, and ensure that the agency is creating a programmatic and financial strategy that positions it for sustainable success.

Our on-the-ground support takes effect as soon as an organization receives funding;  Shine Early Learning begins to staff senior leadership positions with seasoned experts in education and family engagement & health services and puts into practice the tools and approaches that were created and refined at our sister organization Acelero Learning, recently named a top five Head Start provider by Bellwether Education Partners. Our integrated programmatic approach includes:

  • a reflective coaching model that offers staff the targeted support they need in order to enhance practice and continue to develop in their careers.

  • effective systems for reporting and program use of data, as well as support for organization design initiatives, self-assessment, five-year goal-setting and tracking, and federal review support.

  • a research-based Ready to Shine curriculum that can stand alone or be layered on top of other curricula to provide unique and content-rich curriculum plans and robust support for teachers and coaches.

  • An evidence-based family curriculum that is designed to intentionally extend children's learning into the home. Our Shine On, Families family curriculum incorporates PEER cards™, parent- friendly cards that are dedicated to family learning.



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