Announcing Shine Fortify

[Fortify] provided stability and guidance during a potentially difficult period... Shine’s knowledge of Head Start, ability to deploy resources with limited notice, and professionalism were key.
— Region IV Head Start provider


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Shine Fortify Approach

Shine Fortify provides interim executive- or senior-level staffing for Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Shine Fortify offers interim staffing, support for specific program initiatives, and hands-on support and coaching for director- and executive-level staff. These powerful supports can make the difference between a productive, high-energy season and a series of much more stressful and difficult-to-navigate months. The Shine Fortify team is made up of dedicated, seasoned experts, who have seen and worked through all phases of Head Start, including:

  • Launching a new Head Start program

  • Entering a new service area

  • Expanding into Early Head Start

  • Re-designing a program, after being placed into the Designated Renewal System

As a result of their extensive experience in Head Start and Early Head Start, and their years of collaboration with multiple teams executing various strategies, our experts are skilled communicators, problem-solvers, and project managers.

Shine Fortify has supported Head Start and Early Head Start providers of all shapes and sizes, across all regions, providing tailored, on-the-ground support.

Region IX provider contracted with Shine Fortify for three months. During that time, Shine Fortify:

  • Supported continuous strategic action planning and implemented systems to support data management and compliance

  • Provided operational and programmatic support for the Executive Director

  • Conducted an organizational assessment and supported the implementation of the above assessment.

Region I Head Start/Early Head Start provider contracted with Shine Fortify for three months. During that time, Shine Fortify:

  • Supported the Interim Head Start Director with day-to-day operations

  • Prepared the program for its Federal Monitoring Review/FA2

  • Created an approach to integrating data into management systems; supported the development of data-driven decision making culture

Shine Fortify has successfully supported programs across the country in their executive and senior-level staffing needs. For more information or to learn how you can utilize Shine Fortify support, email