Recent Webinar: Application Excellence for Head Start / EHS Grants 2.0: FOA Updates 2018

Hosted Live: Wednesday, March 14th
3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET
Cost: FREE!


NHSA + Shine Early Learning Present
Application Excellence for Head Start / EHS Grants 2.0: FOA Updates 2018

After several years of relative quiet, the DRS-driven competitive grant cycle for Head Start / EHS is up and running for 2018 -- and the FOA has been substantially revised in both its format and the application criteria. 

Shine Early Learning, a Head Start / EHS services organization based in Harlem in New York City, has helped organizations across the country win more than $400 million in annual federal Head Start, EHS and Migrant/Seasonal Head Start funding since the start of DRS-related competitive grants in 2012. Based on an analysis of the new format of the application, Shine recently hosted a special webinar in partnership with the National Head Start Association, reviewing the updated FOA content and what applicants should be thinking about as they work on preparing applications this year. This webinar was a follow-up session to a prior presentation on the overall DRS process and previous FOA content and structure (see below for a link to that session) -- but can also be watched as a stand-alone guide to the newly released FOAs. 

The webinar was presented live on March 14, 2018. Click on the link below to watch the recording and download related resources, including the presentation slides and a detailed memo outlining the changes to the FOA structure and criteria by section.  


Bonus Content

In December 2017, Shine Early Learning hosted a webinar in partnership with the New York State Head Start Association to promote a better understanding of the DRS competitive process and the FOA structure and content as it existed at that point. For more information on the DRS process and how the application was previously structured, the recorded version of that webinar is available here

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