Over the course of multi-year partnerships, we work hand-in-glove with Shine Assist partners to support the implementation of high-quality, outcomes-focused initiatives in program design and management, early childhood education, and family and community partnerships.

The Assist Legacy

Launched in 2012, Assist was originally called the SARGE Affiliate Network. From the program's inception, partner organizations and delegates nationwide received dedicated support to implement tools and approaches developed at Acelero Learning. In Education, programs implement components of the Ready to Shine curriculum, the Teacher Success Rubric (TSR), and our reflective coaching model. Our Family Services work helps programs implement the Family Strengths Assessment, a targeted goal-setting process, Family Partnership Agreements, and parent workshops, all aimed at engaging parents and partners to close the Achievement Gap. We also worked to develop and refine monthly Manage by Information (MBI) monitoring reports generated from child and family information systems and quarterly Manage by Outcomes (MBO) monitoring reports. Many of our Shine Assist partners also use Shine Insight as their data system, which allows them to seamlessly track family outcomes and to access always-on, clickable MBI reports.

The results of these partnerships has been remarkable. Our Shine Assist effort has helped over 30 grantees increase the number of hours of service provided, implement grantee-wide monitoring and management tools, develop outcome tracking systems for child, family, and health services, and increase the depth of their education and family services efforts. Through our grant development efforts, we have also helped partners secure more than $300 million in federal funding. The results have been a dramatic increase in both compliance and outcomes for our partner organizations.

Ongoing Training & Technical Assistance

Our Shine Assist partners receive ongoing support over the course of the year from our senior leadership team on implementing key aspects of our approach in three areas:

  • Program Design & Management: The Shine Assist team works with our partners to refine their PDM practices to support ongoing monitoring, planning, and self-assessment systems by producing monthly compliance reports and quarterly outcome dashboards. Shine Assist partners receive access to Shine Insight at no additional cost. 
  • Family Engagement: We provide a structured approach to working with families that includes introducing the concept of the achievement gap, assessing family strengths, and setting family life practice goals.
  • Early Childhood Education: Our support for teachers includes a clear performance-based Teacher Success Rubric, a proven curriculum, and a focused assessment model that allows educators to focus on what's most important--closing the achievement gap for every child.


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