Clarity is in short supply for program directors, children, families, and educators alike. We help programs nationwide—inside classrooms, in partnership with families, and across organizations— focus early learning on what matters most: closing the achievement gap.



Insight brings a relentless focus on child and family data to close the achievement gap for all children.


Program Design & Management

Assist partners receive hand-in-glove support on program design, early childhood education, and family and community initiatives.

Partnership & Support

Implement is a true partnership between your Head Start program leadership and the Shine Early Learning group.

Shine Early Learning is committed to proving that every child can succeed at the highest levels – and that high-impact, proven approaches can help early childhood programs truly make the difference in a child's life. Shine Early Learning offers dedicated resources, high-impact tools, and our new Shine Insight data system to help Head Start and early education programs reach their own ambitious goals. 
All of the Shine Early Learning tools and approaches were developed, implemented, and refined at Acelero Learning, a high-performing Head Start and Early Head Start program serving more than 4,400 children across the nation. Through the integrated implementation of these tools, Acelero Learning has produced some of the largest child outcome gains ever recorded at an individual Head Start program. Acelero Learning's latest evaluation data show children served for two years make twice the gain of average Head Start participants, as compared to the 2009 FACES data.



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Focus on the classroom

Nothing is more important to an early childhood program's success than what goes on in its classrooms. As programs strive for an engaged, well-supported teaching staff and skilled educational coaches, our tools help leaders focus on the following key drivers of ECE success:


The Teacher Success Rubric and reflective coaching model allow programs to evaluate performance and focus on opportunities for improvement for beginners and masters alike.


A thorough and comprehensive set of lesson plans provide the groundwork for collaboration between educators and rich support for teachers, every week of the year.


Our Shine Focused Assessment model allows us to streamline the assessment process and integrate it more fully into the classroom experience.


Engage families and communities

Well-informed, well-supported parents and families are essential partners in our work to close the achievement gap. Savvy family services leaders understand that without the help and active partnership of the families that they serve, they cannot ensure that each child who completes their program will be well-prepared to succeed in school and life. We focus on:


Empowering families starts with informing parents and community leaders about the achievement gap and providing knowledge on what they can do about it.


Understanding each family's strengths and needs allows us to partner with them in creating a plan and setting clear goals to ensure success for their child.


Providing family services staff with clear coaching and rich supporting materials helps them to work effectively with each family.

Illuminate what matters

Early childhood and Head Start programs generate millions of pieces of data every year. What information matters the most to you? The Shine Insight system is role-based—it shows you, and each member of your team, the most important data to focus on today.


The Shine Insight system is designed to help you stay fully compliant across all areas of your program so staff can focus their energy on children and families.


Information is nothing without purpose. Shine Insight helps you get the right data in the right hands at the right time to ensure results and positive outcomes for children.


No more wading through endless reports. Make sure no child slips through the cracks with accurate reporting, targeted alerts, and proactive use of data to keep you focused.


Support for the road ahead

Achieving breakthrough child outcomes in early childhood education isn't easy—or something you can do alone. Designed by experts across multiple service areas, the Shine Assist and Shine Implement programs and the Shine Insight data system provide the valuable tools, insights, documents, and webinars you need to be successful. These powerful tools combined with the support to implement them through our Assist program allow organizations to quickly accelerate the impact they have on children and families.


Join a select group of high-performing Pre-K, Head Start, and Early Head Start programs across the nation in creating breakthrough outcomes for children. Assist members have year-round access to our senior leadership team, to high-level support, and to comprehensive tools, resources, documents, and webinars to help implement key areas of our approach within your program.